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Blue Vida Necklace

  • $189.00 USD
  • Gold Plated Brass Pendant
  • Lapis Lazuli Beads
  • Brass Spiral Charms; Lapis Tear Charms



The word Vida means life in Latin and knowledge & discovery in ancient Sanskrit. 

The pendant is a form of mandala. The center represents the “third eye” or "higher self" where intuition lies, and the four opposing directions represent the dual forces of life and striking a balance between those; light & dark, good & evil, male & female,  life & death... The spiral symbol also holds symbolic connotations, it symbolizes birth and rebirth, spiritual evolution, infinity etc. 

Lapis Lazuli has always been associated with royalty and nobility. It is believed to enhance psychic and emotional abilities, and helps to improve perception in order to see things more clearly. It is also said to be a powerful meditation stone and is associated with the throat Chakra (communication) and Brow Chakra (third eye opener).