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Care Instructions & Materials

Care Instructions
Most Jewelry is either sterling silver or 18K Gold Plated Brass. A polishing cloth comes with each piece of jewelry bought to help remove any surface tarnish & to restore the shine and luster of the piece!
Brass can also be left alone and the accumulated tarnish often results in a beautiful antiquated rustic look & feel, which many can appreciate. But a simple buffing with a polishing cloth will generally bring the sine right back.
Every Earring hook is made with hypoallergenic materials
All Hand Painted Silks should be dry clean only as sometimes colors may bleed.
All printed silks can be washed in a regular machine machine on the cold/gentle setting. We recommend washing it alone the first time.
All Athletic Wear & Hoodies Can be washed in a regular washing machine.
Please feel free to reach out with any care instruction questions! We’ll gladly help with any inquiries: info@yelenanoah.com