The Jewelry

Yelena Noah Jewelry is entirely handmade and designed in Noah's Williamsburg Loft. Each piece is unique and tells a different story. Depending on the necklace, she uses certain stones or charms that come from Yelena’s travels: A few strands of antique brass beads from Cameroon, charms from Kenya, or local seeds from Suriname.

Yelena has always been drawn to Jewelry, particularly jewelry with a narrative. She feels that each jewel tells a story- the story of a journey, a place, a moment in time, a relationship, a family heritage, a connection... It is her belief that jewelry and adornment are fundamental aspects of culture and a celebration of our diversity and individuality.

Most of the designs are symmetric; They all begin with the center, and form a pattern, which she compares to the four cardinal directions, creating a kind of compass. The focal point, the center, represents our “selves”, within which lie intuition, the heart, and the third eye. From there stems four opposing directions. These opposing directions, and their relation to the center represents the need to strike a balance within the dualities of life; of good and evil, male and female, light and dark, life and death, the yin and the yang.