The Designer

Yelena Noah considers herself as a citizen of the world. She was born in New York to a Swedish mother, former Miss Sweden and renowned sculptor Cecilia Rodhe and Franco-Cameroonian father, former tennis champion turned singer Yannick Noah.

Yelena Noah is proud of her multi-cultural heritage and sees this as an opening and a richness, which inspires open-mindedness and acceptance. 

Yelena has worked as a successful model and has lived between Paris and New York all her life. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY where she graduated from the New School with a Bachelors degree in Political science/International affairs. She has done internships at the United Nations and is on the board of her family foundation, The Noah’s Arc Foundation, created by her brother, Chicago Bulls NBA player, Joakim Noah.

Yelena Noah has created a jewelry line inspired by her cultural heritage and her travels around the world. She started painting symbols at a very young age, and these organically evolved over time- from painting canvas to flowing silks, from silks to mosaics, and now into jewelry. She is drawn to symmetry and geometry, and inspired by Buddhist mandalas and West African symbolism.

Yelena has always been drawn to Jewelry, particularly jewelry with a narrative. She feels that each jewel tells a story- the story of a journey, a place, a moment in time, a relationship, a family heritage, a connection... It is her belief that jewelry and adornment are fundamental aspects of culture and a celebration of our diversity and individuality.