In 2014, Yelena Noah joined Pamela Love and Pheobe and Annette Stephens of Anndra Neen at the Neue House for the talk “Land of El Dorado”, a cultural exchange about the country of Suriname. Over two years, these jewelry designers made several trips to Suriname with Everard Findlay. There, they met with the indigenous people of Suriname, peoples of the rainforest, Maroon women, Indonesian artists, and preservationists to foster a cultural exchange and to celebrate Suriname’s craftsmanship and the rich cultural diversity of the country with an international audience. Yelena created her “EPA” cuff inspired by the Maroon women, their heritage, and their story. The Maroons of Suriname are the descendants of escaped slaves in the Americas who formed independent settlements in remote areas.



In 2012, Yelena was approached by the brand Each x Other, a unisex and collaborative brand that invites Artists, designers and craftsmen to design models for their collections. Each x Other’s ethos is “Art meets Fashion.” Yelena’s drawings and prints were used to create clothing and was sold in high end stores in France and internationally, such as the cutting edge Smets in Bruxelles.