Rock Your Drop

The Noah’s Arc Foundation and Joakim Noah recently launched the “Rock Your Drop” Movement. The Noah’s Arc Foundation, on which I am a board member, is a Charity organization created by my mother, Cecilia and brother, Joakim, which enables kids to find a stronger sense of self through the means of sports and arts therapy. It provides diverse opportunities for kids to become more aware and conscious of their ability to make a positive impact on themselves and their community. Having worked hands on with the development of the foundation and having seen the program in action, I could not be more proud of the accomplishments that we have achieved over the years.

Over twenty years ago, my mother, a sculptor, created a marble piece in the shape of a tear drop called “The Drop of Consciousness.” Years later, our foundation, wanting to work to raise awareness on the astounding rates of violence in the city of Chicago, decided to scale down the sculpture and use it as an emblem for a non-violent movement. Having the shape of a scarred teardrop, it symbolizes the pain, strength, and endurance of those who have been affected by violence.

 One important tenet of the movement is that the violence affected the streets of the US is not an inner-city problem, it is a problem which affects and concerns us all. By wearing your drop, you make a pledge to help end violence, to take responsibility for positive change, and you commit yourself to spreading the message.

I find it important to spread this message. The drop of consciousness is more than just a piece of jewelry. It holds a message for peace, it is an emblem for positive change, awareness and consciousness.

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